Khorda خردة is an endearment expression in Tunisian dialect, and it means “garbage”.
It is also the name of our creative box where we help clients develop their brand and their communication strategy .

Graphic layouts to brag about

It is fundamental to be humble.
Yet, it is healthy to be proud and happy.
We deliver that kind of graphic services.

Website & UX

Comfortable to restless eyes and minds
with short attention spans.
Welcome to 2020.

Social Media content and campaigns

Glad you made it this far on our website before getting distracted by social media yet.
We provide digital marketing plans and content for all relevant platforms.

Consultancy and advice

You cannot do everything on your own.
It´s alright to seek help and guidance when you have nightmares or you carry bigger dreams.

Photo/Video production

It is impressive that you spent all this time
reading text. People don´t these days…

Audio production and sound design

We love doing it so much…
Recording your band, producing music,
scoring film and theatre

Projects Completed
Songs played in the background as we work
Cups of coffee

We sit and listen.
We enjoy doing that as much as we enjoy processing all the input you might give us.
All depends on the harmony of thoughts and intentions.
Now, sit back & take a moment to browse through some of our recent completed work.



March 13, 2020



January 4, 2020

Tally Ho

Tally Ho

February 13, 2019



March 13, 2018

Get ready to be khordified

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